Prague, Czech-Republic

Prague, Czech-Republic

What a great four days we spent in Prague!  While we were always very excited to visit the city, we found ourselves enjoying it even more than we expected.  During our short stay, we saw tons of beautiful buildings, enjoyed affordable and delicious food and had plenty to do to keep ourselves entertained.  Here were the highlights:

  • Amazing architecture and sights: Gothic, Broque, Art Nouveau…  Strolling through the Old Town, taking in the view of the city from Prague Castle, crossing Charles Bridge…
  • Staying on Wencelas Square: Despite being a touristy area, our hotel had a great view overlooking all the action and was within walking distance of most attractions.
  • Delicious food: We had the best scallops we have ever had at Mozaika (this was also our best overall meal of the trip so far).  We also enjoyed the vegetarian restaurant Radost FX, as well as dinner and lunch at an Asian-fusion joint called Yam Yam (which interestingly is partly owned by an American from San Jose, CA where Minh was born).  Traditional czech food we tried included goulash and trdelnik.
  • Massive rain storms: Every afternoon had a 30-60 minute rainstorm where it would downpour without much warning.  We were happy that an umbrella was among our packed items.
  • Seeing Rick Steves: The travel guru was filming a segment right outside our hotel.  Check for us waving in the background during his next special!
  • Welcoming Justin’s Mom to the adventure: Jayne will be traveling with us for the next two weeks.  We will see if she can keep up with our hectic pace.

Now we’re off by train to Austria with stops in Vienna and Salzburg.  Hope you’ll keep reading of our adventures!

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