Lucerne, Switzerland & the $35 Ceasar salad

The sticker shock in Switzerland had us realizing the importance of returning to cheaper Eastern Europe soon before we blew through our entire travel budget. Luckily, the beautiful nature and touristic sites were free, helping to counter the $35 Caesar salad and $8 coffee purchases that were made. We craved some Vietnamese phở, but finding out it was over $20 a bowl had us running the other direction. It must be good to be Swiss, though, because the rest of the world should seem like a discount bargain bin in comparison.

The feature of the postcard is the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), the symbol of Lucerne and one of Switzerland’s most popular attractions. Originally built in 1933 as a part of the city’s fortifications, a fire (allegedly caused by a discarded cigarette) destroyed much of the bridge in August 1993. Subsequent restorations reopened it to the public in April 1994, at a cost of US $2.1 million. Under the coverings of the bridge are a series of 17th century paintings depicting events from Lucerne’s history.

A full day in Lucerne was more than enough for us, as it’s rather small and hard to truly enjoy oneself when everything costs an arm and a leg.

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