Fun in the sun at Atlantis Bahamas

Justin and Pepe

Justin and Pepe on the balcony of our room at Atlantis

Most of our flights for our RTW adventure were booked well in advance with air miles. Can you believe it cost fewer miles to fly to Lima via Nassau than to go from Orlando? Well, twist our arms! After Disney World, Pepe and the two of us spent a couple of nights at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Because it was the off-season until around Christmas, our room was over half the regular rate. We really enjoyed the water slides, lazy river and poolside lounging in a tropical setting before taking Pepe back to Peru.

We had been to Nassau once before with our families as a cruise port. The experience this time was leaps and bounds better. First of all, we didn’t come by ship, which meant we weren’t mixed in with the mass of cruise passengers. Secondly, everyone we encountered on the island was extremely friendly and welcoming (versus just vying for our dollars). We originally decided to go to the Bahamas more for Pepe’s sake, but we left feeling it wouldn’t be the worst thing to come back for ourselves someday.