Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Postcard of the Week #21, as captured from the Argentine side

Iguazu Falls sits on the border near Paraguay of Brazil and Argentina. After we said “goodbye” to Justin’s mom in Rio de Janeiro, we flew to Foz de Iguacu, Brazil. You can also stay on the Argentine side in Puerto Igauzu, but we read that the Brazilian city was better.  Plus, this way we got to continue enjoying açaí, and we were planning on seeing the falls from both sides anyway.  Fun fact:  Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly proclaimed “Poor Niagra!” upon seeing Iguazu.

First, here are pictures from our time on the Brazilian side:

The next day, we crossed the border and experienced the falls from the Argentine side:

Surely everyone must agree that the views of Igauzu are far better from Argentina. Brazil offers a good panorama at a distance, but from Argentina, you feel immersed by how close the falls are. Our two hours on the Brazilian side left us thinking it was “pretty nice,” but our almost six hours on the Argentine side kept us proclaiming, “This is AMAZING!!!”

If you’re planning a trip here, we definitely recommend experiencing it from all perspectives, but do yourself a favor: see it from Brazil first to avoid potentially feeling underwhelmed.