A food paradise in Puerto Varas, Chile

Puerto Varas, Chile

The moment we rolled in by bus to Puerto Varas, we instantly felt like we were transported to either Switzerland or Bavaria—from the snow-capped peaks across a pristine lake to the evergreen trees to the European architecture. This should have come as no surprise since Puerto Varas was first colonized by Germans in the middle of the 19th century. They were welcomed by the Chilean government at a time of uprisings and revolutions in Europe between German Confederation states.

Puerto Varas mountain panorama

What we absolutely loved about Puerto Varas besides its natural charm was the unbelievable food scene. All our meals in this small city of fewer than 38,000 people was deliciously memorable, as well as relatively affordable. It was California farm-to-table with a seafood infusion and a Latin American twist. Everything was richly flavorful, fresh and, above all, healthy (just what we need when we’re eating out everyday). Our only other destination so far that has equally satisfied our taste buds is Krakow.

If you ever find your way in Chile and consider yourself a foodie on any level, Puerto Varas will not disappoint. And to burn off the calories, there are plenty of hiking and kayaking opportunities available (we skipped these because we had just completed the W Trek).