Pucón, Chile

Pucon, Chile

Postcard of the Week #25

Pucón, as described on Wikitravel, is “a backpacker’s Disneyland, filled with travel agencies that will offer you any kind of day trips imaginable.” That actually sums up the place pretty well! There are more travel agencies here than coffee shops in Seattle. So what did we partake in with this plethora of possibilities, like hiking, kayaking and horseback riding? Nothing! This is perhaps the downside of having had so many recent great experiences. We had freshly come off of Antarctica and the W Trek and weren’t ready to fully re-immerse ourselves in nature (plus we needed to give our wallets a break). Good thing the city of Pucón is cute in itself!

Frommer’s recommends if you have two weeks in Chile to visit Puerto Varas or Pucón to get your taste of the Lake District. We went to both and found them completely different from each other and hardly interchangeable. Personally, we preferred Puerto Varas because it felt much less touristy and had a fabulous food scene. It’s possible, though, that the nature surrounding Pucón, a three-hour bus ride away from Puerto Varas, is much nicer. We’ll never know for sure until we come back!