About Us


We’re two 30-somethings who quit our jobs to travel the world.  No, we didn’t win the lottery, but we did save aggressively for five years before throwing caution into the wind.


One thing we’ve come to really appreciate is how everyone travels differently, so what works for us may not work for you.  The great thing about travel, though, is as much as you can read about other people’s experiences, it’s always better to experience these things for yourself and form your own opinions!  Here’s the gist of our approach to this adventure:

  • We’re both naturally very fast paced.  Although we’re seeing and experiencing a lot in short time frames, we aren’t doing it all for the sake of checking items off a list.
  • Minh is meticulous with little details, and Justin has strengths in seeing the big picture.  Together, we planned the heck out of this trip, so what it lacks in spontaneity, it makes up for in one well-organized adventure.
  • We love exploring new cities on foot, admiring the architecture and observing the locals.  We rarely feel the need for paid attractions and activities, like museums and special tours, because that’s simply not where our interests lie.
  • We refuse to dorm in a room with complete strangers*.  Minh especially needs his sleep, so we’ll only go as far as a shared bathroom.
  • We don’t mind eating out for every meal if there are healthy, affordable options on the menu (i.e. lots of veggies and nothing fried).  We’ve tagged posts of places where we particularly enjoyed the food with “good eats“.
  • We’ve always been excellent deal-hunters, so feel free to ask us for money-saving tips.
  • There’s no one else in this whole world we could successfully travel this long with.  Being together practically 24/7 for months and not having killed each other (yet) proves we’re amazingly compatible.

As we think of other things and learn more about ourselves, we’ll probably keep adding to the list!

*Unless we hike in Torres del Paine again.  In which case, the only options are to dorm in refugios or camp (Minh will take a warm bed, thank you).  We were lucky to have had wonderful roommates in these instances!


You can send us an email to travel [at] bort.org.  We also have a Facebook Page and Instagram for more highlights and updates from our adventure.