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Brasov, Romania: “Probably the best city in the world”

Some cities are easy to fall in love with, while others take a bit of warming up to—Brasov, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, was fortunately the former. While we experienced the coldest… Continue reading

31 Countries in Europe

Actually, we’ll wrap up our first European leg at 32, but those who know Justin knows he has an affinity for the number 31. It also happens to be October 31st, so what… Continue reading

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade may be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe.  Even Rick Steves, who covers most of former Yugoslavia, doesn’t have a guidebook for Serbia, and bloggers seem to only praise Belgrade… Continue reading

Perast, Montenegro

Perast is a tiny town on the Bay of Kotor–a great place for perfecting the art of doing nothing!  In fact, we plopped down in an outdoor cafe for lunch and cappuccinos for… Continue reading

Kotor, Montenegro

Before embarking on our adventure, Minh scoured the blogosphere to figure out which European cities to visit.  One place that multiple people absolutely raved about was Kotor.  This turned out to be another… Continue reading

Interesting Insights into Albania

Albania ranks as one of the most culturally enriching places we’ve ever been. For the most part, we stuck to the itinerary we planned before we left the U.S., but in an effort… Continue reading

Prizren, Kosovo

It was a bit cold and rainy when we were in Prizen, but that didn’t distract from its charm.  We love this postcard particularly for the tree with vibrant yellow leaves.  Kosovo is… Continue reading

Pristina, Kosovo

Minh was naturally more hesitant than Justin about going to Kosovo, especially having a rental car with Serbian plates, but he quickly came to ease after we met so many friendly people, starting… Continue reading

Skopje, Macedonia (i.e. our “Least Favorite City”)

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, and it’s currently undergoing a massive overhaul to give the city a more monumental appearance.  Since we love to rank things, Skopje receives the honor of being… Continue reading

Ohrid, Macedonia

Oh, the joy of traveling in the off season!  We explored the entire old part of the city for hours and saw only a smattering of fellow tourists.  Ohrid is regarded as the crown… Continue reading