Pristina, Kosovo

Minh was naturally more hesitant than Justin about going to Kosovo, especially having a rental car with Serbian plates, but he quickly came to ease after we met so many friendly people, starting… Continue reading

Skopje, Macedonia (i.e. our “Least Favorite City”)

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, and it’s currently undergoing a massive overhaul to give the city a more monumental appearance.  Since we love to rank things, Skopje receives the honor of being… Continue reading

Ohrid, Macedonia

Oh, the joy of traveling in the off season!  We explored the entire old part of the city for hours and saw only a smattering of fellow tourists.  Ohrid is regarded as the crown… Continue reading

Berat, Albania: “The city of a thousand windows”

Berat, Albania was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 for its rare examples of Ottoman period architecture.  Driving into the city from Tirana, it was stunning to see all these… Continue reading

Budva, Montenegro (a pirate’s life for me)

Budva is the most popular tourism destination in Montenegro, particularly for Russians, which is why all the signage includes Cyrillic writing and shops are catered towards their tastes (i.e. lots of fur and… Continue reading

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Greetings from Croatia’s premiere destination on the coast!  Dubrovnik may have been overrun with cruise passengers around midday every day, but it still felt like a vacation from the vacation.  The trick is to… Continue reading

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Having a rental car especially paid off in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Parts of the drives from Mostar to Sarajevo and Sarajevo to Dubrovnik were jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  It also allowed us to stay in a studio… Continue reading

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

With a rental car we picked up in Croatia, we drove to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  If it’s possible to have a favorite bridge, Stari Most would be ours.  It stood for 427 years… Continue reading

Tips for Visiting Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

If you love waterfalls, look no further than Plitvice Lakes National Park, which connects the Croatian inland with the Adriatic coastal region.  It registers 1.2 million visitors annually, though not many Americans, which… Continue reading

Split, Croatia

Like Zagreb, Split is another great place for people watching.  It’s the second-largest city of Croatia, and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia.  The reason to visit Split is for the… Continue reading