Brussels, Belgium

After we parted ways with Justin’s mom, we were going to take the train from Geneva, Switzerland to Strasbourg, France and continue north, but that proved to be expensive and a bit difficult… Continue reading

Lucerne, Switzerland & the $35 Ceasar salad

The sticker shock in Switzerland had us realizing the importance of returning to cheaper Eastern Europe soon before we blew through our entire travel budget. Luckily, the beautiful nature and touristic sites were… Continue reading

Vienna, Austria

We were warned by a couple we met earlier on our trip that the waiters in Vienna are very rude.  We suspected perhaps they were exaggerating, but it didn’t take long for us to… Continue reading

Prague, Czech-Republic

What a great four days we spent in Prague!  While we were always very excited to visit the city, we found ourselves enjoying it even more than we expected.  During our short stay,… Continue reading

St. Petersburg, Russia

For the Baltic Seas leg of our journey, we got the opportunity to spend two jam-packed days in St. Petersburg, Russia. Russia requires you to get a visa unless you’re staying less than… Continue reading

A self-driving tour on Iceland’s Ring Road

The good about having Iceland as our first major international destination is that our trip can only get cheaper from here*! A casual lunch will easily run more than $20 per person, and… Continue reading

If Fabio was a horse

Icelandic horses were developed from a breed of ponies first brought to the island by Norwegian settlers in the 9th and 10th century.  Because of isolation and laws prohibiting the import of horses,… Continue reading