Top Five Experiences in Myanmar

5. Riding the overnight train from Bagan to Yangon.  By all accounts, the train ride should have been a miserable experience: 19 hours of heavy turbulence that some people liken to being tossed… Continue reading

Bali, Indonesia

Mention “Bali” to some Australians, and they’ll cringe like it’s a dirty word.  That’s because bogans (Australian rednecks) have given it a bad reputation.  As the closest and cheapest tropical getaway, they swarm… Continue reading

Sydney, Australia

Justin was underwhelmed when he first visited Sydney with his brother in 2007, and now Minh is also underwhelmed in 2015.  Sydney simply didn’t offer anything we can’t get back home, with two… Continue reading

Tasmania: A Photo Story

Tasmania ranks high along with Iceland, Antarctica and Torres del Paine as one of our favorite nature destinations.  We originally planned to visit the Great Barrier Reef while in Australia, but based on just… Continue reading

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne feels a bit like Toronto and a whole lot like Vancouver (Canada), except with a ton of restaurants.  We’ve never seen so many nice places to eat out in one city!  Unlike… Continue reading

Moorea, French Polynesia

We would never plan a trip around a honeymooner’s destination in our regular working lives, but this far into our RTW adventure, a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific didn’t seem like… Continue reading

Easter Island

If you’re looking to break up a long flight from South America to Australia, try island hopping across the Pacific: Santiago to Easter Island to Tahiti to Auckland to Melbourne.  Because only seven… Continue reading

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the capital city of the province of Mendoza, which is uniquely characteristic for its large squares, wide streets and canal-like trenches.  We had four nights here and made two day-trips to… Continue reading

Córdoba, Cuesta Blanca & Why We Use TripAdvisor

Córdoba is Argentina’s second-largest city and named after the more famous city of Córdoba in Spain.  We arrived in the early morning by an overnight bus from Buenos Aires.  Unlike in the US, buses are the… Continue reading